Harold's Pond, Cochran Pond, Princess Lake, Char Lodge , Bob Pond , Reub Pond and Grey Lake lodges are approximately 800 ft2 feet in size and very clean and comfortable. They are of log / wooden construction with three double occupancy private bedrooms; hot and cold running water with showers and indoor plumbing. Lighting is provided by generated power and refrigerator and cooking range is propane. The lodges are heated with 12 hour burner wood stoves.




A full time cook is on staff at each location to provide home cooked meals and shore lunches during the day. The menu will consist of turkey, beef, duck, steak, fish, etc. Any suggestions are welcome to the menu. Sam's pond Lodge is 1,200 ft2 with five bedrooms and can accommodate six hunters. North West Gander lodge can accommodate 6 hunters.




Guests flying into Gander or St. John's will normally have to fly in on Saturday evening, thus, requiring hotel reservations for Saturday night. Guests flying into Deer Lake will need to fly in Thursday evening, thus requiring hotel reservations for Thursday night. Hotel costs are the responsibility of the hunter. Assistance in making reservations can be provided to you upon request. 

Newfoundland moose hunts

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