4 B&C Awards with top non resident scoring Woodland Caribou.


Three # 1 Woodland Caribou at each of 26th, 27th and 28th B&C Awards .


#2 at the 29th B&C Awards with #1 taken by local resdient Newfoundlander.


12 Years with the top scores of B&C!!!!!!!!

Trophy Woodland Caribou for 1 week and 6 hunting days. We offer you the best opportunity in the world to harvest this majestic trophy animal. tags are very limited!! Booking now for 2019-2020 Our main lodge at Sams Pond is the base for our trohpy woodland caribou hunts, Our company aircraft is on site during your stay and flights to more productive areas are included in your adventure. Hunt includes guides, meals , transportation to from airport ,hotel as well as transportation during your hunt by floatplane.   . 2019 rates are $15000.00 plus tag and 15% tax.



Combo Hunt. Trophy hunt for both Eastern Canada Moose and Woodland Caribou $18600.00 for week or $22000.00 for 2 weeks.



 Note that at the 26th Boone and Crockett awards in Forth Worth Texas in July of 2007, our client James Holt received the # 1 award with his caribou scoring a whopping 385 B&C AND 419 SCI. Scott Trujillo received the 3 award. At the 27th B&C awards our client James Johnson received the # 1 B&C award with a score or approx 350 B&C.Casey Brooks as taken the number 2 SCI with with bow in 2008. Roger Engelsman # 2 woodland caribou with muzzleloader. We need you to compete for the 28th B&C awards in 2013. NEWS. At the 28 B&C award this past June in Reno our clients Dr Peder Kranzlin and Mr Shawn Andres tie for # 1 award for Woodland Caribou. Both with scores of 369 net B&C


EHA client Shawn Andres with 369 B&C trophy 2013.

Andres ties for number 1 along with EHA client Dr Peder Kranzlin at the 28th Boone and Crockett awards in Reno this past July

Dr Kranzlin 2011






Special Caribou Gallery

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